ESBN stands for Enugu State Social Benefit Number. It is an electronic number that uniquely identifies a tax paying entity (Individual/Corporate) to the Enugu State Government and Enugu State Internal Revenue Service.

The ESBN is generated once for life and the scheme was developed by the Enugu state government and it gives identified taxpayer access to certain privileges in the state. Individuals who have their ESBNs can also get their ESBN card as their form of identification.

Ensuring Data Capture Authenticity

The ESBN scheme has been updated to include the Byteworks iDMS scheme to enable proper identification with screenshot and finger print capture to and to prevent duplication of identities, hence, the IDMS eliminates all forms of duplicates from the Enugu State taxpayer’s database.


The IDMS scheme is an application developed by Byteworks Technology Solutions limited for the purpose of biometric capture. The scheme is a high quality application that effectively captures taxpayers face shot (ICAO compliant) and fingerprint, while also preventing duplicate capture.

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Agents Performance

Manage the performance of agents or enumerators assigned to stations within the scheme.
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Deduplication Filter

Compare a list of adjudicated identities to prevent duplicate capture.
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Quality Enrollment

Explore various collection of entities with passport and fingerprint successfully synced to the system.
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Notifications system

Flexible notification system with both email and sms integration.


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